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There were many forms of torture in the Medieval period. These tortures could be used as a punishment, to persuade Jews, Muslims, and other non-believers to accept Christianity or they could be used as a way to make people tell the truth or tell what they know about a certain person.

Below are some of the most common tortures in the medieval period. Most of them were used to get a confession out of the acussed individual.

forms+of+torture - Medieval crime and punishment
Baker`s Chair
for bakers who sold too many
loaves of bread, which were too small.
forms+of+torture - Medieval crime and punishment
The thumbscrew was simple placed on the thumb and tighten until it crushed the thumb. The tool was also used on toes.

There were many forms of torture that destroyed the genetials on both males and females. Such torture included the
tooth bars, the spanish donkey and the juda cradle.

The tooth bars were used for males only. They would literally crush the male testicals.
The spanish donkey, one of the most painful torture ever performed
victims would sit on the spanish donkey, Wieghts would be placed on the victims foot until the wieght was so great that it destroyed the genetials.

The pear was aslo one of the most torturous ways of torturing women.
The pear was a metal object that is shoved inside the mouth anal cavity and vagina. Once in place the screw at the end was turned and the pear opened up inside the cavity. This caused much damage and lead to death.

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it is called Judas cradle the pear was also used for men
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uh..i never new all this was of punishment. How did you learn this all?
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