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Crimes in the middlews ages ranged from theft to treason. Below are some crimes that were in the middle ages.

Rebellion/treason: This crime was punished by the accused been hung. Just before he died he/she would be drawn from the hangman's noose and quarted alive.
Most biggest rebellions were: The Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536 and Kett's Rebellion, 1549.
Henry VII, or Henry TudorHenry VIIIEdward VIMary IElizabeth I

Heresy. This was among the many crimes that resulted in death. King Henry VIII became the head of the church. To go against the king was not only a crime but also a sin. It was going against " god".

Witchcraft: as mentioned in the WITCHES AND THEIR PUNISHMENT page.

Vagrancy - Avagrant is a person, usually poor, who wanders from place to place without a home or regular work. In Medieval Europe this was considered a crime. From the 1530's this was punishable by getting whipped and from the 1540's were hung.

Smuggling - In the 1700s people smuggled in goods from abroad eg. Tobacco, Brandy, Tea and Silk. Why? Because the government had placed 'tariffs' on them.

Highway Robbers:Stagecoaches were a popular target as they usually carried people with lots of money and jewellery.

between 1300 -1348
Theft: 73.5% of all offences
Murder: 18.2%
Receiving stolen goods: 6.2%
Arson, counterfeiting coins, rape, treason and all others: 2.1%

Criminals were considered as people who disturbed the king's peace. If the crime committed was only a minor crime, then the lords had authority to punish the offenders in their local court house.

The sheriff/police were responsible for keeping the criminal under lock and key until their trial commenced. Criminals relied on family and friends to bring them food and other necessities. Otherwise the accused would starve to death.

The jails (gaols) back in the medival era were dirty and filthy. If criminals were jailed for a long time, they would have died from disease and possible starvation.

Wrong-doing in medieval ages were servely punished, crime like stealing, murdering and treason were punishable by death. Lesser crime however were pounishable by fine and humiliation at the stocks.

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